Sphinx Explorer – Sphinx Search Admin Interface

Well, at the moment no admin interface is available for Sphinx search, but I am working to build one.

The basic feature set will include

  • Dashboard showing critical status and warnings for each Sphinx Server
  • Detailed information for the server including QPS, up time, warnings, indexes etc.
  • Details for indexes, show columns, current status, number of records, memory stats etc.
  • Query interface which will allow to run queries, see results. It will make debugging easy.
  • Manage one or more remote/local Sphinx servers
  • Responsive, so can mange server on the go
  • Agent status, latency etc. for distributed systems
  • Sphinx performance adviser, this will check different values and will suggest
  • Check for IO and CPU stats, if available
  • Password protected interface with ability to add more users.
  • User roles and permissions will be there but will be lower priority feature
  • The best feature will be that it will be free :)
  • Will be building on rest API so its easy to build mobile apps in future

Here are few design considerations

  • Will be using SphinxQL mainly, as it is more future proof way of using Sphinx.
  • No SSH commands at the moment but will add few later on
  • Will be using PHP/Yii for the backend
  • Bootstrap for the responsive interface
  • Font awesome for awesome light weight design
  • Thought about using Angular.js and build single page application but it will complex things at the moment.
  • SphinxQL has really evolved in 2.x versions so I will suggest that you move to that one.
  • Not looking to support older versions like 0.9.x in fact thinking about only to support 2.x and above.

Sounds exciting? Share your thoughts, suggestions and views.

Here are the fist draft of mockups


Here summary of the servers will be shown. This will be the start page


Once a server is selected details for the server will be displayed. Here process list and graph will keep updating them self.



Here details for the indices on server will be displayed.




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