It’s not very long since we started our services, but we were able to work with different sort of sites to implement Sphinx Search and do performance optimization. This page highlights some great words about us, said by our valuable customers.

The is site is an aggrigator for fashion products in India. Had about 20 million products to serch from. Sphinx was already being used but it was not delivring the desiered

J. Hari

The client had aAn aggregation site for fashion products in India. Had about 20 million products to search from. Sphinx was already being used but it was not delivering the desired result for quality and performance. We revised the sphinx implementation and improved performance and quality or the results

“Very skilled with Sphinx”

David M.

SphinxConsultant worked on implementing search for large e-commerce site specializing in knobs and other door furniture. The site use do to a basic search which made difficult for customers to find right products. Moved the search to Sphinx Search.

testimonial sphinx search work
Sphinx Consultant is a first class operator when it comes to provide Sphinx search consulting and we could not have been happier with the work they did for us. We engaged them on a project to take an existing Sphinx implementation that was under performing in terms of search result quality, and attempt to rapidly improve it. These sorts of “emergency repair” project are always difficult because it can be difficult for the engaged consultant to make sense of the current code & configuration.Sphinx Consultant however excelled at this. I found him to be not only extremely knowledgeable on Sphinx, but PHP skills and ability to make sense of what other developers have done was amazing. Beyond the technical skills, his consulting skills were first rate. His communication, responsiveness, and general professionalism was outstanding.The work he delivered in just the first two weeks of the project resulted in a significantly improved Sphinx search and as he continued to work on the problem – the results continued to improve.

We have already hired Sphinx Consultant for another contract – and he will continue to be my go-to person for all things Sphinx in the future

James S.


“Sphinx Consultant” jumped on the project quickly and resolved our issues in a timely fashion. They demonstrated expertise in Sphinx, web server performance tuning, and the LAMP platform overall.

Mickey P.

“Sphinx Consultant” added an accurate, lighting fast search to our vBulletin installation of over a million posts. Our users love it!

Phil H.

Sphinx Consultant did a great job on our Sphinx implementation project. They integrated it with our prestashop shopping cart, and then worked with us in order to customize it with a number of very specific customizations that we came up with. Overall a phenomenal job.

Dmitry F.

We have been fortunate to hire Sphinx Consultant during the last few months for Justcrowd Studios. They have proved themselves as expert in database optimization. They were able to resolve very challenging optimization problems . In addition, they were able to stick to the deadlines and offer great suggestions and workarounds to complex tasks.

Alex T.
JustCrowd Studios

They did a wonderful job. The work that they have done will allow me to reduce my server costs. They have made my server and database run faster, and more efficiently in a very short period of time. A+ for the speed of the work, quality, and communication. I will not hesitate to hire him again. Recommended!

Robert K.

They did a wonderful job helping me design a Sphinx solution. They also took ownership of deployment, configuration, and tuning the solution. Resourceful Sphinx developers/administrators are hard to find so if you have the opportunity to work witht them, take it.

Great job, I plan to work with you on future opportunities!

Geoffrey C.