MySql query to find category path (breadcrumb) for osCommerce

In our recent project we implemented Sphinx Search for an osCommerce based site. We included the full path (breadcrumb) of category into search. I thought the breadcrumb query might be helpful for many developers. Note we had the nested categories up to 9 levels, you can easily adjust query for any level. You may or […]

Fixing java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.solr.core.SolrCore.getSchema()

If you are banging your head because of this exception in Solr 4.6 you should do following things. Be sure that solrconfig.xml of your core has <luceneMatchVersion>4.6</luceneMatchVersion> tag. Be sure that you are loading data importer libraries properly. This can be done with a line similar to <lib dir=”../dist/” regex=”solr-dataimporthandler-.*\.jar” />. Be sure “../dist/” is […]

Secure Solr admin interface on Tomcat

Sorl admin interface is powerful tool to manage cores, debugging and lot of other stuff. At same time this can be very dangerous tool, because this page is open to public by default. In this post we will see how to make this interface password protected so only authorized users can access it by providing […]

Sphinx Search Delta Index implementation

Delta indexing is way of designing indexes so only the updated data is read from db and indexed by Sphinx. Imagine a blog with 100 million posts. As posts are rarely updated and only new ones are added, so there is no point of indexing from scratch again and again. Delta indexing will allow us […]


Installing Solr on Windows with Wamp

Solr is a great tool for full-text searching and more, from Apache Software Foundation. Its based on Apache Lucene search library and extends it. In this post I will let you know how to install Solr on Windows and integrating it with WAMP. Integration with WAMP is not mandatory if you are not using it.

Advanced sorting using Sphinx Search Expressions

Sphinx Search allows use of custom expressions, where we can have internal attributes, conditions, arithmetic operators, and functions to calculate custom values for each document/record. It then allows sorting these documents/results on the calculated value by using SPH_SORT_EXPR sort mode.

Magento Performance: Remove apache modules

There are many modules enabled by default in apache config which are not required to run a typical magento installation. Disabling these modules can help optimize performance for Magento. There are around 26 modules in this list, so you can imagine how much positive difference it can create on server performance.

Sphinx Search Logo

Searching Domain Names with Sphinx

Recently we came across a project where we had to make a domains database searchable with high accuracy. Domain names are special because they don’t have any word separators between words, so normal full-text search is not very helpful to achieve good relevancy and accuracy.

How to index data in Sphinx from files and database both?

I don’t know how often someone have to come across situation where one need to index data from database and files both in one index. One of our clients had this issue, they wanted to make data from files and related data from database both search able by Sphinx Search. Sphinx provides a native feature to […]

Install APC on WAMP Server (Windows)

In this post I will explain easy steps to install “Alternate PHP Cache” (APC) on WAMP (Windows). The easiest way to install APC, is to download the right APC php extension for your WAMP server and just enable it. So here are the steps Find which version of php you have. For this create a […]